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Founded in 2018 in Broken Arrow OK, Add & Multiply Sports was created to offer elite sports performance training to local competitive athletes.  In less than a year, with the help of Betablox Business Incubator and Accelerator, Add and Multiply Sports is on the cusp of expanding to its 2nd location in a new state.

The Team

What attracted me to being a part of Add & Multiply Sports programming was their commitment to developing youth athletes to their individual needs and goals.  Had these training sessions been around when I was growing up, you would have found me there every day working to get stronger and faster.

Corey Else

I like Turtles

We have built the BEST Sports Performance facility we can to maxamize the athletic abilities of every athlete in every sport. Whether it is speed, power, explosiveness, agility, or reaction we sharpen every athlete to prepare them for the next level of their athletic career.

Josh Jackson

Nationally Recognized Sports Performance Trainer

Ryan Nelson

The Drill Instructor 

Together we are Add & Multiply Sports

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What is a combine?

A sports combine is usually a combination of certain sport specific conditioning drills to determine speed, strength, and skill. These abilities are put on display for coaches, scouts and whom ever would be interested in watching the evaluation of the athlete. Combines aren’t new, what is new however is Add & Multiply Sports introduction of combines to youth team sports. Also Add and Multiply Sports uses multiple combines to track individual development throughout the season, not just as a tool to evaluate the athlete at the end of the season.

What skills are in each sports combine?

Combines at Add & Multiply Sports are often identical to the combine drills used in pro and college level Pro Day’s or Scouting Combines.

The drills for each sport may vary but we have created a testing standard to accomidate all sports at all levels. The skills test the athletes speed, power, explosiveness, agility, and reaction.

You mention that you can prove results? How can you be sure?

We are able to prove results by use of our Pro Day Scouting Combines to track the athletes results at the start and the finish of their training.

The principals used in developing our classes are tested over time, pulling effective safe workouts and strategies from CrossFunctional Training, High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT), Body Building, and Traditional Sports Performance Training ensures results. If a student athlete is committed to their class schedule the proof of their efforts will be evident in their Post-Test Combine scores.

Do you have any endorsements?

Yes, in fact, all levels of athletes from amateur to minor league and even pro athletes at the top of their game are endorsing Add and Multiply Sports programming. 2016 NBA Finals Champion, Daniel Gibson of the Cleveland Cavaliers was integral from the start in testing our classes to be sure they translate to the standards held at the pro level.

Isn't my coach already doing this?

We are BIG supporters of coaches and their job to develop you as the best player you can be on the court (or field). That’s why coaches trust us with their athletes to train them outside of their scope or control. Coaches often don’t have the equipment, training, gym space or time to develop you off in the way WE DO. We love and welcome local coaches collaboration and strategy sessions.

Are all of the classes different?
Good question, Yes. Our certified personal training team along with our professional athlete programmers decided from the start it was imperative that the classes are sport-specific. Even though some classes cross over into other sports, the unique combination of exercises will make you a better soccer player in the soccer classes focusing on leg strength and change of direction agility compared to a baseball player in the baseball specific classes focusing on arm speed or acceleration exercises exclusive to increasing stolen base percentage.
How long do your classes run?

We run 2-Month, 6-Month, and 12-Month periods (3 classes per week to insure recovery). Classes are intense and therefore we recommend showing up on-time and allowing at least 5 minutes to perform the provided dynamic stretches specifically in preparation for that day’s class. The classes themselves last about 40 minutes just in time for the next class to start at the top of the hour.

What are you evaluating at the combine?

We test the Speed, Power, Explosiveness, Agility, and Reaction of every athlete through multiple tests. These skills are the foundation to athleticism which is the main focus of our scouting combine.


How can I prepare for the combine?
The first step is to attend your first combine to determine a baseline for your strengths and weaknesses. Don’t be nervous. All athletes will be new to their first combine.

Once you have attended your first combine and received your rankings determining your baseline, you should set goals to improve on those baseline numbers in a realistic timeframe. Add & Multiply Sports is available to set up your goals and also provide private lessons using the same equipment and technology you see in the combines allowing the athlete the competitive advantage in preparation for the next combine rankings event.

How often are combines offered?

We run combines on the first and third saturday of every month.

Add Multiply Sports suggests attending no less than 3 combines in a season. Whether that be a school season or a club season. These 3 combines should act as a progress report at the beginning, middle and end of the season. After each combine be sure to set realistic time specific goals based upon your results and desired outcomes.

How often are combines offered?
Add Multiply Sports suggests attending no less than 3 combines in a season. Whether that be a school season or a club season. These 3 combines should act as a progress report at the beginning, middle and end of the season. After each combine be sure to set realistic time specific goals based upon your results and desired outcomes.
Who will I be ranked against?
You will be ranked according to the results of your combine against peers in your age group and region.
How do I obtain my individual rankings?

Your rankings will be on the online leaderboard within a few days of the combine completion. 

How do I obtain detailed skills specific data?

The specific results will be avalable through the member app which a staff member will get you connect to.

Once you have the Zen Planner member app you can follow these steps to find your result.

1. Open the app

2. Select your athlete icon in the upper left side of the screen.

3. Select Library

4. The skills should then be listed with your results beside them.

If this process doesnt work contact us for help!

Who will see the rankings?

Published Rankings will be on the webiste with your first initial and last name (ex. J.Smith) If you are not comfotable being on our leader board please contact a staff member and we will remove your name.

Phone: (918) 625-4011      |        Address: 3661 S. Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK      |       Email: addmultiplysports@gmail.com