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Sports Performance Training

The Training

We use high intensity sports perforamnce training to take your athleticism to the next level. 

The Proven Method

When you begin your training, we measure your SPEED, POWER, EXPLOSIVENESS, AGILITY, and REACTION (SPEAR) at our ProDay Scouting Combine. Once your training is complete, we re-test and prove exactly how much you have improved over time.

Athlete Guarantee

We guarantee that through our P.H.I.I.T. program you will become a better athlete or recieve your money back.*

The Results:


7" Vertical Increase (2 Months)



2.68s Faster Lane Drill



7" Vertical Increase (2 months)



1.8s faster react shuttle run


How To Get Started

Step 1

Schedule a “Pre-test” Combine to test your baseline skill level at your sport

Step 2

Join a program and take your skills to the next level.

Step 3

Take The “Post Test” Combine to measure your Skill improvements


Rank your scores against your peers to see where you stack up.

Welcome to the Pro Day Leaderboard

Welcome to the Add & Multiply Leaderboard

Throughout my career, I’ve tried a variety of workout programs from some of the best trainers in the industry. My experience with A&M Sports is that they are leading the field in training COMPLETE athletes! Their programing is tough, it forces me to use muscle groups that i normally wouldn’t, and I know ultimatley it will improve my abilities on the court. Highly recommended!

Michael Cobbins

NBA Forward, OKC Thunder

My son’s life has transformed during his training at Add & Multiply Sports.  As his mother, a former student athlete and graduate in Exercise Science from TU, I knew the importance in a complete fitness routine. He didn’t want to hear from his mother on how to accomplish this.  He had zero confidence in his abilities and couldn’t stay motivated in many sports.  Since enrolling he is more active, controlled, balanced and most importantly confident as an 8th grader.  It’s a direct reflection of the welcoming environment from the staff at Add & Multiply Sports…A life changing decision for me and my son! 

Tonya Bowie

Parent to DT

One-sport athletes who engage in frequent repetitions of the same movements have a higher risk of injury caused by increased stress to muscles, tendons and ligaments. Add & Multiply Sports’ innovative programming is designed to introduce new movements, strengthen underutilized muscle groups, and reduce the risk of injury in our young athletes.

Britney Else

Sports Medicine Physician, Tulsa Bone & Joint

Phone: (918) 625-4011      |        Address: 3661 S. Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK      |       Email:

Phone: (918) 625-4011

Address: 3661 S. Elm Place Broken Arrow, OK